Amazon Payments Module Updated

A new update has been released that fixes a couple of minor bugs with Prestashop 1.6.

The Amazon Payments module has supported Prestashop 1.6 since release, but we have now setup a Prestashop 1.6 demo shop. You can test it out at

Everything is in sandbox mode, so feel free to place a test order or two.

To download the module, as always please visit Prestashop Amazon Payments module to download, view documentation and view other test shops.

Any support enquires please us the contact us page.

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Updated Amazon Payments Module

We have updated the MZ Amazon payment module to version 2.5.4. If you are running older versions you are recommended to update for more features and improved reliability.

2.5.4 is fully compatible with Prestashop version 1.5.

Head over to the download page to get it now.

New features include:

  • Shopping cart compatibility mode, allowing the module to work with  third party modules that interfere with Amazon’s JavaScript checkout button.
  • CRON order downloading, setup a cron job to download orders from Amazon, perfect if you don’t have a SSL certificate.
  • Google analytics integration – Simply edit the confirmation.tpl template to add your tracking code.
  • More reliable with unusual customer addresses.

Amazon Europe have created an easy to follow check list to get you up and running with Amazon Payments. You can go see that here – Amazon Payments and Prestashop checklist

As you can see from this page a full document on how to sign up to Amazon payments, set up the Prestashop module and enter all the details you need is available to read here: Prestashop Amazon Payment Documentation

Download the module now and within minutes you can be accepting Amazon payments with your Prestashop store.

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Free Amazon Checkout Payments Prestashop module now available!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Free MZ Amazon Checkout module for Prestashop.
We have been working with Amazon, testing and adding new features to make sure you have the best and most efficient experience using this module.

Download the Free Amazon Prestashop Checkout Payments module now!

New features we are pleased to announce include;

Two way communication between your Prestashop store and Amazon payments. This means when an order is ready to ship in Amazon, it is also marked ready to ship in your Prestashop back office. Also when you set the order to shipped in Prestashop it will tell Amazon Payments that this order has been shipped.

Manual order downloads this allows you to manually download orders without the need for an SSL certificate. You can even CRON the running of the script to automate this process!

Prestashop 1.5 Support! we have upgraded the module to fully support Prestashop 1.5. The module now supports Prestashop 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.

Any many more! Please go to the Free Amazon Prestashop Checkout Payments module page for more info.

This module is free for European customers, as we have made an agreement with Amazon Payments Europe. If you would like the USA edition, please go to the following page - Prestashop Amazon Payments Module USA Version.


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New version of MZ Amazon Checkout coming soon

The new version of MZ Amazon Checkout is in the final stages of testing and will be released shortly.

The new version has a number of bug fixes and usability enhancements along with some important new features..

  • Shipped notifications
    When you have changed the status of an order in Prestashop to shipped it will send this information to Amazon setting it as shipped in their system too.
  • Cancellation notifications
    When you cancel an order in Prestashop it will send the cancellation to Amazon automatically cancelling and refunding the order.
  • Refunds
    From within the Prestashop order management screen you can part refund orders. Allowing you to easily cancel one product from within an order and the customer automatically receiving a refund for that product.

And a few more features too! We will update the blog when the module is released.

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Branded Chinese customer service for your website

We have recently launched our native Chinese speaking customer service option for websites we maintain. This allows websites owners to not have to know any Chinese or worry about communicating with their customers at all. We are now expanding this service for clients whose website we don’t maintain.

As always, please contact us for more information about our Branded Chinese customer service for your ecommerce website.

Website enquires

Our customer service staff are contactable on live instant messaging and via email and work during Chinese working hours and peak online purchasing times. They can help reply to customer enquirers made through your website or email.

ecommerce sales

Sales staff can help improve your sales. The service staff will be easily contactable by a instant messaging button on your website and will help answer customers questions and try to up sell and push promotions that you may be running. If you provide pricing guidelines the service staff can offer on the spot discounts to clinch the sale that would be lost normally.

Complaints and returns

The customer service staffs are also there to help when something goes wrong, with helping to resolve problems and if ultimately necessary – helping deal with returns.

Branded under your name

All this with the service staff replying as if they are employed directly by your company. This gives the customer a lot more trust in your company and improves customer loyalty.
If we can’t answer a question, we will ask you in English and then get back to the customer in Chinese.

Please contact us for more information.

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Alipay Global Prestashop Module Launched

MZ Hosting has now officially launched the Prestashop Alipay Global module. This module will allow you to accept Alipay payments from Chinese customers to your Alipay Global account all fully integrated with Prestashop.

This module is specially developed for Alipay Global customers. Other modules designed for sellers who hold Chinese domestic Alipay accounts are not compatible with sellers holding Alipay Global accounts!

The module is available in two versions, standard and premium. The premium version gives free updates for life, installation and testing on your server.

Alipay Global Prestashop Module Standard edition
Alipay Global Prestashop Module Premium edition

Free bug fixes for both versions, new features in version 2 include – Registration free payment through Alipay.

Want more information? Interested in signing up for an Alipay Global account? Please see our Alipay Global page.

Fast UK based English support are included with all Prestashop Module purchases on MZ Hosting. All modules have been thoroughly tested and working live on a number or websites.

MZ Hosting can also help with Chinese customer service, Chinese hosting and a lot more, please see our Chinese Website page for more information.

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Multi Product Discount Free Prestashop Module

Free Prestashop Module Released!  Multi product discount

In the first of many free modules to come. We have released a small module that automatically gives the customer a discount based on how many products they have ordered.

This is a great way to increase order amounts, giving the customer an added incentive to order more products in an easy to market and understand method. The discount automatically shows up in the cart with a description and is applied everywhere the order total is shown.

Go to Prestashop Multi buy discount module to download for free!

How it works 

You advertise around your website that if you buy multiple products you get a discount of £1 per product. So a customer adds two products they would receive a £1 discount, if the customer orders three products they would get a £2 discount. The customer sees this discount as a voucher in the cart and order screens. The discount works as any other voucher does apart from it being automatically applied.


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Chinese to English Website Translation

We now offer competitive Chinese to English translations. This includes website translation, article translation and anything else that can be translated!

Our pricing is 10p per word and is translated by professional native Chinese speaker translators with UK university degrees. This ensures that the translations we do are high quality and keep their exact original meaning.  Other translating companies may use Google translate and then use a Chinese speaker to tidy it up to be grammatically correct. But if you have ever tried using Google translate you will know that some of the meaning is lost and this gets worse with complex and longer texts.

For more information about our translation services please see our Chinese to English translation page.

We also SEO optimise our translations so you website will work well with Baidu and other Chinese search engines. Technical translations are also not a problem, if our translators lack the required knowledge to translate a text we will find a translator specialised in your area.

We offer discounts to existing customers and new customers who choose to host their website with MZ Hosting, please contact us for more information.


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Updates – Chinese SEO and Taobao Shop information

We have updated our website with more information about the services we provide, we have updated our Chinese SEO page to give more information about what we can do for your website marketing in China. We will keep updating this with more information and examples soon.

We have also updated our Taobao Selling page with information on setting up a Taobao shop for small and medium businesses and setting up a Taobao shop for medium and large businesses. Hopefully this will give you more information about what is suitable for your business, and help you plan your Chinese market strategy. We will keep all these pages updated as Taobao change their terms and conditions, and we expand our product range.

As always, if you have questions please contact us.

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.cn domain name available for foreign businesses

After around 2 years CNNIC who administer the .cn domain name have once again allowed foreign companies to register a .cn domain name. There are still strict rules governing the ownership of a .cn domain name.

You must be a registered company in the following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore. You must send your business registration document, a contact persons ID and a signed letter to CNNIC (Scanned and uploaded). Your domain must abide by Chinese content laws or it will be immediately suspended.

If you are not a registered company in one of the following companies we provide fully managed hosting solutions where we would apply for the domain for you.

As CNNIC has just announced this change we unfortunately do not have an automated domain availability checker, please contact us if you are interested in a .cn domain name. Prices start from £30 per year.

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